Paid Search

Paid search provides precise targeting and immediate results –

it’s perfect for appearing when people are searching for your product or service.

Google Paid Search offers immediacy and control, allowing businesses to instantly appear at the top of search results for chosen keywords, as apposed to SEO which is a long-term strategy that requires time for ranking improvements.


ImpressionCare is one of few agencies around to offer Pay-Per-Inquiry (PPI) –

PPI is a marketing arrangement where advertisers only pay when they receive inquiries or leads, rather than paying for ad impressions or clicks. This model is often used in performance-based marketing, particularly in lead generation for service based businesses.

“Impression Care takes immense pride in our track record of success with Paid Search. We’ve generated over 80,000 inquiries for our clients, resulting in over $6m worth of revenue generated between Australia and New Zealand through Google Paid Search.


In a traditional sense, a business with $1000 to spend on Google ads per month could kiss $400 of that goodbye in management fees.

At ImpressionCare, We see that $400 as a lot more than $400.

If you are spending $2 per click then that an axtra 200 potential customers we could have brought you without even changing your budget –

Original scenario

$1000 budget

  • $400 Management Fees = 600 /$2 = 300 clicks

Our scenario

$1000 budget

  • 0 Management fee = $1000 adspend /$2 = 500 clicks.

Thats an extra 40% more traffic.

We would rather charge you for BIGGER results after you get the work than smaller results before you get the work.

I guess thats why this works?

How Much Does it cost?

On average, our Pay Per Inquiry campaigns are generating anywhere between 30-85 qualified inquiries per month for an AD investment of approx $2000 

With an average profit of $500 per trade job, and a conservative conversion rate of 50% – this equates to $7500 -$21,250 of new revenue per month – Approx 3-10x ROAS before inquiry commissions. 

If you are a service provider, you can apply for our Pay Per Inquiry service

All that we ask is that you 

  1. Have a beautiful website we can send people to
  2. Can answer the phone when we blow it up with calls.
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