Inquiry Analysis (Call Sync)

8 years of experience

With over 8 years in experience managing Google promotions for businesses, we believe the most valuable tool to this day is inquiry linking.

Traditionally you might receive 10 calls in a day without any understanding of where they come from. Those days are over. We can now trace back an inquiry to the exact keyword that person typed in, as well as a source.

Inquiry  matching involves assigning unique phone numbers to our ads. 

When a user clicks on our ad or visits a website, we attributes the visit to specific source and or keywords.

By integrating with analytics, businesses receive reports showing which keywords led to phone calls. This data helps advertisers optimise campaigns by adjusting bids on effective keywords or excluding those with lower conversion rates.

Keyword matching provides valuable links between online user behavior and offline conversions, allowing businesses to make informed decisions for a more effective advertising strategy.

How are we different from other inquiry linking providers?

We offer an optional service where a dedicated team monitors your calls to ensures that your sales staff are maximising the conversion rates.

This service comes with improvement recommendations and a monthly synopsis of how your phone call were handled.